Egypt trip

Egypt – a trip to the pyramids

It’s the beginning of June now. So a lot of people want to start planning their holidays soon. Why is it worth going to Egypt? What can you see there with your own eyes? The most famous attraction in Egypt is certainly the Great Pyramids, which are located in Giza (specifically on the outskirts of Cairo). Every year, many tourists from all over the world come there. Fortunately, this isn’t the only fact you need to know about this country. It’s pretty clear that there are, in general, many other, very interesting places to visit. What can you do in Egypt? In Giza, you’ll see more than just pyramids.

Next to them there is a statue of the Great Sphinx. You can’t miss these sights if you’re planning a trip to this country… What else is worth visiting? Near Giza, there’s Cairo. In this city there is, for example, the world famous Egyptian Museum. And that’s because there are many valuable artefacts in this place. And they date back to the ancient times. A lot of people want to see the Egyptian Museum. Why else is it worth choosing this country? What characterizes Egypt?

A trip to the pyramids is really just one of many attractions that will be waiting for you. You can also see such important places as the Oasis of Siwa, Alexandria, the Valley of the Kings, etc. What else speaks for Egypt? These are certainly very attractive financial conditions. Some may be surprised by it. And prices are not as high as many people might think at the very beginning. In addition, Egypt means excellent weather. In general, all year round. Some even skip visiting the country in the summer season.

All in all, the heat is very intense. If you prefer a slightly lower intensity of the sun, it’s worth choosing a trip in a different period of the calendar year. What else characterizes Egypt? A trip to the pyramids can be topped out, for example, by spending free time on the beach. And it should be made clear that this country has free access to both the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.